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Since 1958, the Gardner-family-owned Cylinders & Valves, Inc. has been meticulously manufacturing high quality small bore hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves. Our compact air cylinders, solenoid valves, and other exceptional products deliver reliability and performance that have made our name famous for generations.

Better craftsmanship and better materials enable us to manufacture cylinders and valves that last longer and perform better. And, unlike most of our competitors’ products, our cylinders and valves are fully serviceable and repairable, for years of extended use at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Whether you are looking for a compact air cylinder or a hydraulic valve, we offer custom cylinders and valves that can be modified to meet your requirements. Cylinders & Valves, Inc. can adapt any of our standard cylinders to your specifications for mounting, plating, and other important parameters.

As a small, family-owned business, we’re able to offer the kind of personal service that our larger competitors can’t. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service, and offer fast, friendly responses to all our customers’ questions, comments, and concerns. Whether you have questions about our 3-way valves, compact air cylinders, or spool valves, or if you just need to order a valve replacement kit, we’re happy to help.

Request a quote today for the small bore hydraulic cylinders and valves you need, or contact Cylinders & Valves for more information.

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Cylinders & Valves, Inc. is a Custom Manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality Small Bore Cylinders and Accompanying Valves.

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