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Industrial Compact, Solenoid & Spool Valves

What are solenoid powered valves?

Solenoid powered valves, or solenoid valves, are valves used to mix, release, dose, distribute or shut off fluids. They’re controlled by an electric current that moves through a solenoid, or tightly wound helical core.

What types of solenoid powered valves do we offer?

Types solenoid valves that we offer include: compact solenoid valves and spool valves, including spool valve varieties such as: 3-way valves, 4 way valves and compact 4 way valves.

What Are some common solenoid valve applications?

These valve types are used to power pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to control hydraulic cylinders, control irrigation systems, and actuate CO2 hammer valves. They’re also found washing machines, dishwashers, and sprinkler systems, among others.

Will a solenoid powered valve work with my cylinders?

Chances are, yes! Our valves can work with not only hydraulic cylinders, as we mentioned before, but also standard cylinder, bore cylinder, back to back cylinder, and double acting cylinders. In addition, we can tinker with any standard cylinder assembly in order to create a custom fit just for you.

Why solenoid valves?

We recommend solenoid valves because they are discreet, safe to use, quick to respond and lightweight. Also, they are versatile; we can customize any type, from 4 way valves to mini solenoid valves, to accommodate the trials of innumerable environments.

Why Cylinders & Valves, Inc.?

Cylinders & Valves, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of compact micro solenoid valves, solenoid operated valves, and spool valves for all applications. Our valves are available in numerous design variations to meet your requirements for size, porting arrangements, operating mechanisms, and other important considerations. Plus, to complete your assemblies, we offer a full range of cylinders, including small hydraulic cylinders, bore cylinders, back to back cylinders, and double acting cylinders.

Our industrial hydraulic and pneumatic valve products, from the micro solenoid valve to the custom spool valve, are easily and economically serviceable and repairable to give you years of extended use at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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