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Cylinders & Valves' dual cylinder and valve combos feature integrated 4-way solenoid operation. Whether your application requires a double acting pneumatic cylinder or a double acting hydraulic cylinder, we guarantee any of our products will be manufactured from top quality materials for exceptional, reliable performance in all applications. All our small bore double acting hydraulic cylinders can be custom modified to meet your unique requirements.

Combined Cylinder & Valve Features:

  • 10-150 PSI operating range
  • For hydraulic or pneumatic applications
  • Integral 4-way solenoid operation
  • Non-corrosive throughout
  • Heavy wall tube (1/8" brass)
  • Pump cylinder finish
  • Polished & ground stainless steel piston rods
  • Threaded rods standard; non-threaded rods available upon request
  • Easily & economically serviceable and repairable
  • Multiple mounting options available for all models
  • Aluminum body solenoids with brass spools
  • Solenoids available in most AC or DC voltages

* See individual product pages for additional specifications and information.

Combined Cylinder & Valve Product Offerings